Monday, January 18, 2010

Tomorrow, my 1st prenantal appointment, scared and excited.

I am 39( turned 39 on C-Mas day 2009) and have 4 angels watching over me and although it has been a long time since I miscarried, I feel like a ticking time bomb at times. I will be 7 weeks and 5 days tomorrow and I made it past the 6 week mark and now to have a u/s and see the heart beat, will be another milestone, I am scared and excited at the same time. My appointment is 1-19 at 3pm PST, I am praying to see a heartbeat, and would love to see 2 heartbeats, I know GREEDY, just being honest though, if I can't be honest here, then what is the point of the blog. I am really hoping to see a heartbeat though. Thank you for listening.
Christi Mommy to 15 Loves, and #16 growing inside!

P.S. I will post a ultra sound pic tomorrow as long as we have a heartbeat.


  1. Hope it went well.

    I too have a B-day on Christmas day. Happy 39th.

  2. Praying for you and hoping for good news!

  3. Not Greedy, never that. Genuine. Blessed. Willing ... I was 39 when my surprise twins were born. Ultrasound @ 16 weeks showed one -- and I specifically asked if there were two (ds #2 wanted twin siblings ... and got them!). Baby #2 surprised us at delivery. Dr. didn't make it they came so fast, and just 5 minutes apart.
    Yah, I know - surprise twins in this day and age? It was God's secret. Had we known, man would have intervened and ruined a perfect delivery with c-section (they came fast, face-up & feet first. No problems!)
    Maybe you'll get two yet too ... ?
    Praying for you. Abundant grace & blessing to you!