Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Finished up filming for TLC and The BBC.

Remember in August when I posted this? Apparently since the BBC documentary will also air on TLC, they wanted a bit more footage for the U.S. version, so they sent a second crew out to film us. The crew included our Director/producer Gwen Isaac, of Midnight Swim productions, Cinematographer Gavin Brennan, and our sound technician, whose first name was John, unfortunately I didn't get his last name. As we got acquainted with our crew, Christi was beside herself to discover that Gavin had worked on the Deadliest catch on the Time Bandit boat and John had worked on the crew of the Ghost Hunters series on SyFy. These are a couple of the family's favorite shows and everybody had lots of questions for the guys. While the last post was titled "The British are coming!", in this case our crew were from New Zealand; (Gwen), Australia; (Gavin) and America; John. Gwen was Fabulous and has been all over the world, Christi did not enough time to question her too much.
It was a pretty good day, and the kids had a lot of fun playing soccer in the front yard for the camera. It was funny as Gwen kept telling the kids to kick the football and the kids would look at her and she'd have to say, "soccer ball". Afterwards, Christi and I did a pretty candid interview regarding our ability to have so many kids and our experiences with birth and such.
All in all it was a pretty good day and I hope the footage they got makes for a great documentary when the final cut is done.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Congratulations Chris and Wendy Jeub!!

Why am I congratulating them? Why on the impending birth of their #16, of course! Christi has been in touch with the Jeubs for several years now, ever since we were first contacted about doing the TLC Kids by the Dozen show. Chris and Wendy did one of the first episodes and Christi emailed them about their experiences with filming the show and they were so gracious to answer all of her questions and their reassurances that the producers would be fair and decent went a long way toward convincing us to do it. Indeed it was a great experience. Therefore we not only want to congratulate them, but also thank them.

Thank you Chris and Wendy!!

That being said, let me also direct you to this post on their website on which you can win a free book! While you're there, check out the rest of their site, they've got some interesting resources for homeschooling and running family businesses, plus some good old family wisdom too.

G'waannn, check 'em out...you know you wanna!