Wednesday, January 27, 2010


OK, so where do I start, hmm, ok, well for as excited and happy as I am about having another baby on the way, I guess sometimes it freaks me out, so here is the story. I was in my room on my bed with Sawyer (7 months) and Laura (2 year old) and my Son Gage (12) comes in and picks up Sawyer and says, your going to be a big brother, wow Mom I was just saying this to Laura, that she was going to be a big sister and here he is and now I am telling Sawyer he is going to be a big brother, ok so here is the freaky part, I jumped up and said, don't say that, no no no, he is the baby, he is the baby, it was like I was hit in the gut with, there is another baby on the way and will be smaller then Sawyer and it was more than I could stand, it scared me to think of another baby on the way, and what was I thinking having another and NO Sawyer is the baby, I took Sawyer and just held him so tight, he is the baby, it completely scared me and freaked me out! I think next time when I am asked if I am crazy, I will just nod and say, "YES I AM!" He is my little Soy Sauce, he is my baby.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Beautiful Heartbeat, Fell in love, so tiny, so perfect, so loved.

Our new Duedate is 9-8-2010. I was so scared and so worried, that after my appointment, I think it all hit me, was just so tired and did not want to post for some reason, I am sorry it took me this long to post an update.

This is pregnancy #21 for me, and I never just assume we have a baby with a heartbeat.
Something new happened to me, this is the first time, has shocked me and excited me, but I fell in love the moment I saw the flash, flash, flash of my baby's heartbeat, it dawned on me, that right in front of my eyes I was seeing their heartbeat, life, wow, my baby's heartbeat, awesome, so awesome, just fell in love, I have never been so attached from this early on, NEVER, if it is God's will, then that heartbeat will be beating in my arms, on my chest next to my heart in about 7 months, I can not even believe it. The baby had a nice strong fast heartbeat. Dr. Elfelt knows I do not look at the screen till he says we have a heartbeat, I just don't want to see anything if there is not one, so he said we have a heartbeat, and I pulled my hands away from my face and saw it, if I had not been lying down I would have been jumping up and down, going wooohoo, wooohoo! We have a heartbeat, so tiny, so loved, so wanted, my 16th baby, WOW!!!!!!! I am so happy to get past this first milestone!

Thank you so much for the prayers I was a scared nervous wreck and will still worry but a lot less now, thank you!!!
With Love,
Christi Mommy to 15 Crazy, Loving Kids and #16 on the way!!!

P.S. If you click the picture it will be fullsize.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Tomorrow, my 1st prenantal appointment, scared and excited.

I am 39( turned 39 on C-Mas day 2009) and have 4 angels watching over me and although it has been a long time since I miscarried, I feel like a ticking time bomb at times. I will be 7 weeks and 5 days tomorrow and I made it past the 6 week mark and now to have a u/s and see the heart beat, will be another milestone, I am scared and excited at the same time. My appointment is 1-19 at 3pm PST, I am praying to see a heartbeat, and would love to see 2 heartbeats, I know GREEDY, just being honest though, if I can't be honest here, then what is the point of the blog. I am really hoping to see a heartbeat though. Thank you for listening.
Christi Mommy to 15 Loves, and #16 growing inside!

P.S. I will post a ultra sound pic tomorrow as long as we have a heartbeat.

Friday, January 8, 2010

House hunting............

We finally are able to buy a bigger house, we will be sad to leave this 4 bedroom 1 bath home, but boy is it time! We have put our first offer in on a house, it is bigger than this house(sq ft wise) and has 2 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms right now, but we met with a general contractor to get his bid for making a large 5th bedroom and have some other things done too, the loan is an FHA 203K, we are hoping to hear by Tuesday if the bank is taking our offer. This has been a long journey and if it is not this house, we will have one in the next 3 months, woohooo!!

Thanks to everyone who said we should do a blog, it is kind of fun, and like many said, it's a fun way to update on our family, although we have not done any updating yet, ;) lol.

It is our beautiful DD's birthday, Kaylee is 11 today, so off to to eat cake with her!!
Happy birthday to my Kaylee, my little cookie!! I love you and am so proud of you!