Friday, January 8, 2010

House hunting............

We finally are able to buy a bigger house, we will be sad to leave this 4 bedroom 1 bath home, but boy is it time! We have put our first offer in on a house, it is bigger than this house(sq ft wise) and has 2 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms right now, but we met with a general contractor to get his bid for making a large 5th bedroom and have some other things done too, the loan is an FHA 203K, we are hoping to hear by Tuesday if the bank is taking our offer. This has been a long journey and if it is not this house, we will have one in the next 3 months, woohooo!!

Thanks to everyone who said we should do a blog, it is kind of fun, and like many said, it's a fun way to update on our family, although we have not done any updating yet, ;) lol.

It is our beautiful DD's birthday, Kaylee is 11 today, so off to to eat cake with her!!
Happy birthday to my Kaylee, my little cookie!! I love you and am so proud of you!



  1. Hi Christi! I just found your blog, don't know you remember me or not, but we met years ago on SK and large families of same another board. I added and am following you :) congrats on #16!! And congrats on the house hunt, we are in the exact position with the tiny house and looking for bigger, however we only have 8 kids to fill our house (and 8 is enough for us ;) lol). Glad to see your blog, i look forward to reading whats going on with your family :)

  2. Hey Christie,
    Congratulations on #8!! I see your baby is only 1 years old, many congratulations. I hope you find a great house!!! Send me an email.


  3. Christi,

    So how comes the house hunt? It has been over a month since this post and am wondering how it is going?