Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving one and all!!

Ok, Ok...we've been bad, bad bloggers, I know. You can't see it now, but Christi is slapping herself on the wrist. Actually she's sleeping, but you get my point. We've been remiss in our blogging duties and this is our mea culpa. It seems that our daily running around and our current battle with the stomach flu has crimped our blogging. That and we keep procrastinating on offloading the pics we've been taking for the blog and then tellling ourselves, "We'll do it later and then write that post we've been meaning to". Then later comes and goes and no post and...well that's how it goes.

But, here is an update, without the pictures and we'll get to those when we get one of these:

I had a friend in the service who carried one of these in his pocket and he'd bring it out whenever I'd make an excuse for something. Always good for a laugh.

As some of you may know, we've been doing the paperwork shuffle trying to get pre-approved for a home loan and after many, many phone calls and delivery of a thick stack of paper that spells out our entire value to the material world, we have finally gotten the go-ahead. We can now begin searching for a house in earnest. We actually had found one and looked at it informally the day it hit the market, and it was nearly perfect for us, but within 12 hours it had multiple offers stacking up. That is going to be one of the main problems we face in this search as the market pricing is so attractive and the supply of houses is short. That coupled with the ridiculous "special assessments" on homes in many of the areas we want to live (you'd be amazed) which drive the tax payments on these things sky-high. That is going to put a pinch on how much home we can buy or where we can buy. We'll keep you posted on how this goes.

Last Saturday the our band geeks marched in the Lake Elsinore "Unity in the Community" parade. We have pictures for that too, but the picture above applies to them also. It was fun to see them do their thing and they looked so good in their uniforms. Really cool.

This year we had planned to have Thanksgiving at our house, with a few friends and family, but those plans were interuppted by a wicked bout of the stomach flu. Christi and all of the little ones, from Austin down have been suffering the effects and as of this posting, we've still got little ones doing the "technicolor yawn" and Christi herself is still feeling quite ill. We're going to have to scale back dinner to whatever everyone is feeling up to eating.

So that's what we're up to. We plan to get to those pics this weekend, but that remains to be seen. We hope that everyone out there has a great Thanksgiving and enjoys the family and friends and the good times and whatever makes you thankful. Despite our bout with the flu, we're going to rejoice in the love of our kids and the time we spend together and we'll get through the yuckies as a family. We'll be keeping more up to date with the blog as we do have those pics and we'll have house hunting updates and if we're lucky...maybe we'll even have another special announcement.

God bless you and all that you hold dear.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Things that make me go hmmm as a Mom, Random Thoughts...

This is Christi and these are my RANDOM thoughts about items and kids, lol.

#1 Kids and the things they do, item, permanent markers, and how they can pick the ONE permanent marker out of 20 washable markers, makes me wonder WHY, and how dumb am I to own such an item. So they take said item and mark their siblings, ok not so bad, then the walls, ok, can fix that, then the bed, and do it all in less than a minute, hmm, I need a lock box and I "Think" have no proof but think my kids can move at the speed of light.

#2 Kids again and item scissors, I am not even sure I need to say anything else, maybe they think they are saving me haircut money, maybe, or learning a new trade.

#3 Anything sticky, they can smell sticky, their sticky sense is amazing. They have ex-ray eyes and see things that get sticky, make sticky messes, through any object, like in a drawer, or in your purse, and they don't seem to mind being sticky either! I think when I buy things, I go hmmm, what is the sticky factor, is it worth it. Also when they find, smell, get sticky, they must get their siblings involved in the sticky gooey whatever. Just the other night my 3 year old Morgan broke eggs on my floor, like 5 eggs, now this has the sticky, icky, and smell factor, eggs smell. I won't even tell you about maple syrup, YUCK.Finally when they are at their stickiest that is when they want me, ohhh they want to touch my face and hair, they know , I can't prove it but they know, I am going eeew ick ick ick ewww on the inside.

Well I need to end it here for now, call of the wild needs me.

Christi Mommy to 15 or will this be changing soon ;)
Now you'll have to come back and see......... ha ha ha ha muwahaha :)