Sunday, November 1, 2009

Things that make me go hmmm as a Mom, Random Thoughts...

This is Christi and these are my RANDOM thoughts about items and kids, lol.

#1 Kids and the things they do, item, permanent markers, and how they can pick the ONE permanent marker out of 20 washable markers, makes me wonder WHY, and how dumb am I to own such an item. So they take said item and mark their siblings, ok not so bad, then the walls, ok, can fix that, then the bed, and do it all in less than a minute, hmm, I need a lock box and I "Think" have no proof but think my kids can move at the speed of light.

#2 Kids again and item scissors, I am not even sure I need to say anything else, maybe they think they are saving me haircut money, maybe, or learning a new trade.

#3 Anything sticky, they can smell sticky, their sticky sense is amazing. They have ex-ray eyes and see things that get sticky, make sticky messes, through any object, like in a drawer, or in your purse, and they don't seem to mind being sticky either! I think when I buy things, I go hmmm, what is the sticky factor, is it worth it. Also when they find, smell, get sticky, they must get their siblings involved in the sticky gooey whatever. Just the other night my 3 year old Morgan broke eggs on my floor, like 5 eggs, now this has the sticky, icky, and smell factor, eggs smell. I won't even tell you about maple syrup, YUCK.Finally when they are at their stickiest that is when they want me, ohhh they want to touch my face and hair, they know , I can't prove it but they know, I am going eeew ick ick ick ewww on the inside.

Well I need to end it here for now, call of the wild needs me.

Christi Mommy to 15 or will this be changing soon ;)
Now you'll have to come back and see......... ha ha ha ha muwahaha :)


  1. I understand about the markers, my walls have seen this up close & personal LOL

    I have 1 child that has given himself a haircut not once but twice!

    Hope you have good news soon!

  2. Looking forward to your announcement, Christi!