Thursday, February 5, 2015


Long time no blog.  I won't make any excuses about why it's been so long, other than life just gets in the way sometimes.  Getting in the way most recently has been our move to Indiana.  New job, new house and a whole host of other things that go along with this sort of life change and maybe it's a little easier to see why blogging and more or less anything social media-like takes a back seat.
That aside, I must say that this has been a great step we've taken in our lives.  We had been looking to get out of California for years and had been mainly focusing on the South, Georgia, Tennessee, North or South Carolina. Maybe even Virginia.  I was very close in the running for a great position in Pennsylvania, which I obviously didn't get, but we never really thought about Indiana.  We still ask ourselves if we can believe we live here. 
I had some concerns about things like the weather and how would I deal with snow.  Serious snow, that is, but I must say that it really has been pretty wonderful.  Indiana is a much more family friendly place.  The employment seems to be really booming as all of my adult kids, and even my 17 year old, have secured jobs pretty quickly.  The cost of living is really great too.  Gas is at least 20-40 cents a gallon less, food and other things are generally less expensive and housing...well, it's just ridiculous how much more you get for your house dollar.  The home we have, with the 1/4 acre lot and huge swimming pool would cost at least twice as much as we paid and if it were in So Cal.  It would be the same floor-plan as every 5th house in the subdivision and they would ALL have that same "Southwestern" cookie cutter stucco and tile roof. 
I have trees! 
I like to tell folks that here, you cut down trees to build a house, while in California, they chop the top off a hill, backfill the lot with silt and granite chunks that pass through a 6 inch screen and then plant trees around the wood frame, chicken wire and stucco house to make it look like anywhere but California.  Then, once the sod takes a little bit of root, you realize it's far too expensive to run your sprinklers everyday to keep the grass alive and Voila! your yard is as brown as the "Southwestern motif" that your HOA requires you to maintain.
Do you get the sense that I'm glad I left?
My backyard
Under that blanket of 14 inches or so of snow, lies my swimming pool and my huge backyard.  You know what will be there when Spring comes?  Green grass!!  Can't even get that in California.
The kids were a bit upset leaving all that they knew behind, but they've adapted quite nicely and already have a lot of friends and new activities.  I feel like they're blossoming in ways they never would have if we had stayed out West.  Christi loves it too.  She's always wanted to live somewhere that has 4 actual seasons and she is enjoying the little things like the farm fresh veggies that we get that are actually grown right down the road.  The fact that deer come into our yard at night to eat the few leaves left hanging on the huge oak in the front yard and having the kids be able to ride buses to school.  She also likes that my commute is 15 minutes each way.  This is the first time in over 20 years that I have lived closer than 50 miles to work.
We also want to thank those of you who encouraged us to go for the Indiana move.  Lots of you who live here or have before, told us about what to expect here and gave us advice about preparing for winter and such and we appreciate all the information you shared.
We look forward to new challenges, new adventures and maybe even new blog posts.
Stay tuned!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Better late than never...

When you last saw the intrepid Cason bunch, Christi was dealing with a breech baby and prepping to go into the hospital so the doc could attempt to turn him and then induce while he remained head down.  One month and 5 days later and our little Vaughn is one month and four days old and we are as happy as can be!  He was born at 3:15pm on October 15th at 8lbs and 6oz.  A month later and he's gained almost 2lbs, had his circumcision and is eating and pooping like a pro!  Truth is, he's doing awesome and we love him so much, it's ridiculous.

This is the little booger.   Adorable, ain't he?

So this is the belated birth announcement for Vaughn Robert Dallas Cason.  Better late than never...

Here is a link to a local online news story about the birth.  Pay no mind to the ridiculously awful comments...we don't.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Off to the races!!!

Was planning a big update before I got to this particular bit of news, but I took Christi in to the doctor today because the baby was breech last time and even though the doc sent her to the hospital and manually turned him, the boy has apparently decided to practice somersaults this last week and is again feet down.  Totally breech.  Christi's doc is sending us into the hospital again to try and turn this sucker, but this time, when that's done, we'll fire up the pitosin and begin inducing.  So it looks like today, (or sometime early tomorrow) will be BABY DAY!!  I will be tweeting live as we go with as many pics as she'll let me take.  I can't video until afterwards (hospital policy) but when I can, that will go up as well.  Pray for us, wish us luck, and we'll see you on the other side!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The time has come for #17!

Well folks, we have finally passed a hurdle that we have been working hard to jump and we have decided to make an official announcement:

We are pregnant with our 17th, wonderful baby!!

As many of you may know, we have been trying to conceive and have had 2 losses.  We are at the 11 week mark with no issues, a perfect ultrasound and we have passed the 10 week mark where we lost our other 2.  Christi and I had told a few people, some via Facebook and a few in person, but we finally feel comfortable sharing it here in a blog post.  In Christi's words:

"11 weeks today 11 weeks today, wooohoooo finally past my last 2 losses at near 10 weeks, first milestone, getting to 6 weeks with no issues, then 8 weeks with a great ultrasound, now past 10 weeks, wooohoooo hope to hear a heartbeat on Thursday 4-11. Woohooooo our 17th child so far is really really on the way God willing."

She has a way with the woooohoooo, that's for sure!  This is her 24th pregnancy in total, and at 11 weeks, it looks like this:

Needless to say we are extremely happy to finally be able to share this news!  To those of you who already knew and offered congratulations, and those who have offered up prayers when you knew we were trying, we say thanks!  We look forward to more good news and updates until the ultimate update, which should be around October 26th.

God Bless!

Monday, April 1, 2013

OK, so we're going to be total grandparents like that.

  C'mere sonny, let me show ya' a picture of my grandkid!

So what did you expect?  She's adorable!  How can we not share photos?  Jess has started bringing her by the house more often, and when she goes back to work, we'll get to watch her while mommy and daddy are working...
...time to begin the training BWAH HA HAAAA!
Seriously though, we can't wait to spend more time with her little cuteness.  As to her progress, she's doing great!  Eating great, all breastfeeding so far, pooping great...everything you'd expect from a 7-1/2 week old little munchkin.  Mommy and Daddy seem to be holding up pretty well and we couldn't be prouder.
Stay tuned for more typical grandparentness... 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Wooohoooo our 1st Grandbaby

It had to happen eventually. You tell yourself it's a million years away and then one of your kids makes you eat your words. After all this time, Jessica has gone and made us grandparents!! On February 10th at 6:10 AM, we were gifted with our granddaughter, Jaedyn Rae Tyler. She was 6 lbs. 8 oz. and 19 3/4 in. at birth. She is beautiful as you can clearly see.  She takes after her Mee-Maw like that.   

Needless to say we are quite proud of our Jessica and the job she did.  Her labor was about 18 hours and she pushed little Jaedyn out in about 20 minutes!  Pretty good for a first timer.  Christi wasn't sure what she would do when we got to the hospital to see her, but I did.  Christi cried like a baby the first time she held her.  She feels a special connection with little Jaedyn right away, she said it was overwhelming and amazing at the same time and is so happy to be a grandma! We can not wait to spoil her rotten ad send her home. :)