Sunday, January 28, 2018

Patience of a Saint, my patootie! A nervous Marine Mom freak out!

Our Cookie Rae has done it!  She is a Marine! Now this Momma is gonna go and see her graduate!  Our Cookie Rae has done it!  She is a Marine! Now this Momma is gonna go and see her graduate!  Can’t wait to hold her in my arms again!  All we have to do now is pack up the 15 passenger, rent another 15 passenger because we have all the kids, the girlfriends, boyfriends,  everyone but the SUPER FRIENDS, rent a car for my son, who’s leaving later and pack up a bunch of clothes and I’m freaking out!
We have a film crew showing up today and then they’re filming our morning madness tomorrow.  Getting up at the booty-crack of dawn because there is no way I’m gonna let them film my “get up at normal time” face, sending the kids off to school, cleaning and packing and packing and cleaning.  Getting everything together, then on the road, pick up our extra passengers.  So much to do, not sure even where to start!  I usually can get this together but I’m an emotional wreck!  Can’t wait to see my girl and I know I’m gonna cry like a big old baby, already am at every little thing!  AAAAGH!
Somewhere in the middle of all that, gotta drop Kaylee’s truck, the Trout, at the body shop to get a little dent fixed and haircuts and laundry and more filming and Dave needs some new jeans and there really isn’t enough time to do this and I just know we’re gonna forget something!  I’m so excited to see her and I’m going nuts wondering if I thought of everything and I should be packing but I’m writing a silly blog post.  At least I’m not on Facebook but who am I kidding I’m gonna get on Facebook and post too because I’m doing everything but getting busy packing because, did I mention that I need to pack?  I’d have the kids help but after they “help” I’ll have to spend too much time fixing it all.  Of course they’re helping as much as they can but right now they’re sitting around wondering why mom is busy typing blog posts when she should be packing!!
At least the trip will be good.  We get to see the Carolinas and beautiful Hilton head and the place my baby girl and her dad AND her grandfather earned their eagle, globe and anchors.  Then 2 more days with the whole gang in my dream cabin and I vow that I WILL have coffee while watching the sunrise over the smoky mountains.  It’s on my bucket list!

Did I mention that I have to pack?

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