Sunday, October 11, 2009

On her way home!!

Just spoke to Christi, she is on her way home with her sister in the car (black Mustang convertible!) and she seems to have had a great time. I missed her a lot but am glad she had fun. She deserved a good time. It's funny how you know intellectually what a person deals with, but you don't really KNOW until you spend a weekend in their shoes. This is the first time that I have ever spent an entire weekend without her, except for one business trip I took, but that was about 11 kids ago. In point of fact, I really only got a partial taste because I didn't have any budgeting or scheduling work to deal with while trying to keep the kids fed, clean and safe. Plus I did have Jessica to help on the night I got called into work. But I definitely have a deeper appreciation for how she buzzes around keeping things nice and the kids fed and happy so that when I get home, things are nice for me. Hopefully she has some good pics to share and a tale or two about which to write a good post.

I can't wait!!

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