Monday, October 5, 2009

Some pics, but not of a car.

We only got a chance to look at 2 cars this weekend and neither of them was suitable. The only upside to our driving 200 miles to see 2 P.O.S cars was that after the second, which was in Chula Vista, near where Christi grew up, we got to drive around her old stomping grounds a bit and see the house she grew up in. She is so excited to be going back there next Friday to her class reunion. I'm excited for her too, if not just a bit jealous. She's gonna have a really good time and she deserves it. I sure am going to miss her though. It's going to be a trying couple of days trying to imitate her juggling act, but I'll give it my best.
The kid's band events went well with Austin's band winning their competition and Bailey and Gage both having a successful parade. Gage being a 6th grader, can only participate in the marching "band" as a member of the flag squad, but he had a good time. Can't you tell?

Bailey hates getting her picture taken but there she is with her valve trombone. These photos were taken by Christi's best friend, Dana with her Blackberry. We just recently got our own camera fixed so Christi should have some great pics from her reunion to share next week.

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