Wednesday, January 27, 2010


OK, so where do I start, hmm, ok, well for as excited and happy as I am about having another baby on the way, I guess sometimes it freaks me out, so here is the story. I was in my room on my bed with Sawyer (7 months) and Laura (2 year old) and my Son Gage (12) comes in and picks up Sawyer and says, your going to be a big brother, wow Mom I was just saying this to Laura, that she was going to be a big sister and here he is and now I am telling Sawyer he is going to be a big brother, ok so here is the freaky part, I jumped up and said, don't say that, no no no, he is the baby, he is the baby, it was like I was hit in the gut with, there is another baby on the way and will be smaller then Sawyer and it was more than I could stand, it scared me to think of another baby on the way, and what was I thinking having another and NO Sawyer is the baby, I took Sawyer and just held him so tight, he is the baby, it completely scared me and freaked me out! I think next time when I am asked if I am crazy, I will just nod and say, "YES I AM!" He is my little Soy Sauce, he is my baby.


  1. LOL Okay, so does this mean that #16 will be your last?! ;)

    I know it probably won't be, but it would kind of be cool since I've always had half as many kids as you. #8 will be our last so you'd have your 16 and I'd have half that with 8. **Big Grin**

  2. I always freak out when pregnant, ask myself, can I do this, what was I thinking, how am I going to do this, but that was a first for me, just looking at my baby thinking there is another baby on the way, it will be different when I m much further along.

    If Dave and I are both here and we can, never know about fertility, then #16 will not be our last, we see 3 to 5 more, that is what we see, but even if that is what we want, only God knows, but we will be trying, lol.

  3. I am new to your blog but want to say that I admire you! Your posts are always so encouraging!

  4. love the nickname soy sauce, how cute!! :)

  5. Christi!!!!!!!!

    So happy to see you started a blog!
    I have been overwhelmed by life for many years, but slowly surfacing.

    Big congrats on baby #16, I'll have to read all your blog posts to see how you are doing, but for now first wanted to say HI!!!!!!!


  6. he can still be your baby. he just wont be THE baby. I understand though how you feel. My Maia is 6 and we also adopted a 6 year old and have another 6 year old in the works and I lay with her at night pinching her squishy cheeks and think YOU are my six year old. my squishy loveable munchkin! and then I feel guilty because she isnt the only one.