Saturday, December 9, 2017

Our little Marine!

As some of you know, our Kaylee is currently in bootcamp in Parris Island, SC.  She should just be finishing her swim qualifications this week and moving on to the next phase.  We are so very proud of her.  We have been missing her terribly, as have all our kids, but thanks to some folks who were on Parris Island to see their Marine graduate, we finally got to see her!
Apparently they "pay it forward" by posting these photos on facebook support group pages for parents of recruits to stare at looking for their people.  I admit I stared at them too.  Having been there and knowing what she is going through didn't stop me from searching for her like a complete noob dad.  Lucky I did because I found her!  It gives me more comfort than I thought it would.  
We are anxiously looking forward to seeing her graduate in February.  She did Thanksgiving and will probably have Christmas at the rifle range, not to mention her birthday in January.  We miss her through it all, but will be so proud when she marches her way through the graduation ceremony and we can take her home for her first leave! 
After that it is on to probably MCT and then her MOS school.  I am doubly proud because her MOS, barring unforseen circumstances will be Aviation mechanics which is exactly what her grandpa was when he was in the Corps.  He would be so proud.  Whatever her MOS, we know she will be great!

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  1. I am so excited to see her can't wait to get to the cabin. THIS IS CHRISTI BUT IT IS UNDER DAVES NAME. LOL OPPSIE.