Friday, May 19, 2017

The Story of US, Conclusion. (of the story, not US!)

When we got back to Christi's apartment in Temecula, we broke the news to Jessica, who was 2, so she had no clue what it all meant, and to her dad, who was stunned to say the least and with that done, we tried to settle in to....married life?  It was still overwhelming for Christi and I and we wondered how to tell her parents.  We eventually jumped that hurdle and although it took about 4 years for her dad to warm up to me, (her mom was a little easier) he is now almost like my own dad (both my parents have been gone for more than 15 years now).  Over the years, even Christi has finally come to understand that we were clearly meant to be together.  

I often wonder how I overcame my normal caution and dropped to my knee in that drive thru.  While I can't say it was just this one thing, what always comes to my mind when I ponder this subject, is our first kiss.  It happened on the evening that I first spent with Christi at Shirley's house.  She and I had talked about so many things, crossing all topics, and had begun to speak about things we hoped for in the future.  She spoke of moving in to her own place, and how she wanted to live and the plans she had for her and the kids.  Something in that moment, I'm not sure if it was the light in her eyes as she spoke, or just the dreamy smile on her face, but something called me to lean in and kiss her.  Despite her faraway gaze, she seemed to come to the same conclusion and we both met halfway in our first kiss.  I can say, without hesitation,or reservation and without even having to compare, that it was the most incredible kiss of my life! (to that point)  I think now, that the moments we shared right there, surrounding that kiss were what cemented Christi and I in what would be the rest of our lives.  We have since had MANY kisses much like that one and she still gives me that thrill, even to this day.  She is the end all and be all of my life.  Simple as that.

It has now been almost 26 years since we said "I do" in that little office in the Clark county, Nevada government building and we are happier every year.  Christi and the kids are my everything, and nothing makes me prouder than what she and I have together.  Make no mistake, I know that it is not the usual situation and we certainly did not get started in the way any of our parents would have approved.  I've told the kids many times that mom and I are an unusual case and we would never recommend that they run out and get married to someone after only knowing them for six weeks!  Christi and I are absolutely not the usual case and we point out examples of what can happen when you jump into things too fast and the repercussions of bad relationships and marriages (especially what can happen to the kids caught in the middle).  Still, when I look back at what Christi and I have done...what we've been through, both the ups and the downs, I realize that I wouldn't change a thing.  Although we're not the typical story of boy meets girl, we are an example of the simple truth that, when it comes to love:


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