Monday, April 17, 2017

Welcome to Spring, let's get it Sprung!!

Welcome to another stab at the family blog.  Things are, as always, busy around the Cason house.  We have been going through a MAJOR spring cleaning, clearing out the winter coats from all the closets, the snow boots, the long underwear, bagging it all and stashing it in the above garage storage.  Sorting through the junk drawer (why do I have 47 USB cords?) and moving furniture.  Our next big thing is: mowing season!  We will be ordering my new mower any day now, but for the first cut, the good folks at LawnPro will be cutting and cleaning up the leftover leaves from the flower beds and giving us a fertilizer/insecticide treatment.  This should make my job a bit easier this Spring and Summer.  Christi is counting down the days until school is out and she can sleep in all the way until 7am!  Maybe a little later, but she’s not real good at sleeping in.  I however….well, let’s just say it’s easier for me.  I could sleep if you marched a band through the room playing “Stars and Stripes Forever!”  Christi…not so much.  But for her, 7 am IS sleeping in, so I look forward to it on her behalf.  The trees are just starting to green up but it's just cool enough so the bugs aren't all over just yet.  Next big thing is getting the pool open.  That will be May, but the kids are MORE than ready.  A three year old just doesn't get the concept that although the air is getting warm, the pool is not quite there yet.  Can't wait for the kids to get out of school so the real fun can begin.

What are you doing for Spring?

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