Monday, November 7, 2016

Ok, Ok....I know we promised to keep this thing up to post more often.  So sue me!  I'm kidding,,, please...DON'T sue me.

In the past, cough, cough! YEAR since our last post, things have been moving along with the family.  Since moving to Indiana, we find ourselves, surprisingly enjoying the winters, LOVING the fall and the colors and getting used to this much easier way of life.  While all the same things need to get done everyday, we enjoy having the kids picked up by a bus to go to school (nonexistent back in California) and the kids are doing fairly well in school.  Kaylee and Harper are rocking the marching band in high school, Kaylee is in her Senior year and is looking at joining, of all things, the Marine Corps Reserve.  This I whole-heartedly support.  Harper has begun working part time as well.  With all that, they stay quite busy.  Emma has been working for a family friend helping him clear his farm.  All of the adults in the house are now working,  We have also taken in our nephew Garrett, from Las Vegas.  He is working on building a life here in Indiana as well.  Jessica and her husband Cameron, are doing well with their 3 kids, Melody, Jaedyn and Charlie.  Dalton and Austin are enjoying bachelorhood, working hard and spending time with their "Ladyfriends".  On top of that, it looks as though I may get to go hunting this year.  Christi is super-busy as always keeping the whole thing rolling, greasing the wheels and keeping all of us in line at the same time.  Truly this family would be lost without her.

Oh, and of course, we are trying for our 19th child.  No, we are NOT done yet.

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