Monday, November 18, 2013

Better late than never...

When you last saw the intrepid Cason bunch, Christi was dealing with a breech baby and prepping to go into the hospital so the doc could attempt to turn him and then induce while he remained head down.  One month and 5 days later and our little Vaughn is one month and four days old and we are as happy as can be!  He was born at 3:15pm on October 15th at 8lbs and 6oz.  A month later and he's gained almost 2lbs, had his circumcision and is eating and pooping like a pro!  Truth is, he's doing awesome and we love him so much, it's ridiculous.

This is the little booger.   Adorable, ain't he?

So this is the belated birth announcement for Vaughn Robert Dallas Cason.  Better late than never...

Here is a link to a local online news story about the birth.  Pay no mind to the ridiculously awful comments...we don't.


  1. My opinion of your family has just gone down hill when I read you circumcise your precious boys. Why do that? They were born perfect

  2. Congratulations on your new baby! I'm glad you don't pay attention to negative comments.

  3. Congratulations! How wonderful!!