Monday, April 1, 2013

OK, so we're going to be total grandparents like that.

  C'mere sonny, let me show ya' a picture of my grandkid!

So what did you expect?  She's adorable!  How can we not share photos?  Jess has started bringing her by the house more often, and when she goes back to work, we'll get to watch her while mommy and daddy are working...
...time to begin the training BWAH HA HAAAA!
Seriously though, we can't wait to spend more time with her little cuteness.  As to her progress, she's doing great!  Eating great, all breastfeeding so far, pooping great...everything you'd expect from a 7-1/2 week old little munchkin.  Mommy and Daddy seem to be holding up pretty well and we couldn't be prouder.
Stay tuned for more typical grandparentness... 

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