Saturday, June 9, 2012

I almost don't know where to start...

So much has happened since we last posted, I could probably type out my usual long-winded posts for several days and still miss telling you everything.  So for once, I'll try to condense things a bit, (Fat chance says my inner smart ass) and hit most of it in this post.  Since last October, the short sale we have been in has dragged on and on and may finally be getting somewhere.  We've been waiting on this one since April 14th 2011 and things are beginning to stir at the bank.  They've come back with a counter which we accepted and our loan paperwork is underway.  There may still be some wait, but finally something is happening.  We also went through a long battle with our landlord over a mold infestation in the duplex we lived in for over 12 years.  Christi had been feeling sick and while looking into it, she saw a special describing the effects of mold on humans and it caused her to look in our attic where she found loads of it.  This led her to report it to the landlord, which opened up a whole new can of worms and started a whole protracted battle which ultimately involved city authorities and the local housing authority. 

We also moved into the house we are buying, which got Christi away from the mold and her health has subsequently improved.  During this same time, we were contacted by a British media company and they filmed us for a special that will be airing on a major cable network (we can't disclose which one yet, but maybe soon).  The crew was with us for 2 weeks including Christmas day, and they tell us that the finished product looks really good.  We will announce the air date as soon as we are allowed to do so.

In the meantime, my new job has kept me extremely busy, but I really love what I do and the company has been great.  So much so, that for this year's company picnic, they treated employees and their families to a fancy buffet luncheon at the Disney California Grand hotel in the posh Sequoia ballroom.  Oh yeah, they also threw in park hopper passes for Disney and California Adventure for the whole family.  That's what I said: the whole family.  That's 16 tickets (Sawyer and Nathaniel were free).  It was an awesome time that will warrant a post of it's own later on. 

Stay tuned...

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