Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Set your DVRs! Or not.

We told you that we'd let you know and now we are. The TLC version of Inside the human body is set to air tonight at 7 pm pacific time. We are looking forward to seeing what changes TLC made in their version. They filmed quite a bit more after the BBC was finished, so it could be very different from what we saw on the dvd BBC sent us. Christi also wanted me to mention that when we filmed this, she was at her heaviest and has since lost a little over 60 pounds (she really does look awesome!). I'm even 30 pounds lighter than I was then too. Can't do anything about my looks though. Jessica is coming over and we're all gonna watch it together. We'll have some snacks and enjoy our 5 minutes on the screen. Kinda silly, but it's one of those things we do.

We are the silly Casons, after all.

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