Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Plague is over!!

Can I just tell you how much we hate viral gastroenteritis? You know, the one that's commonly known as the stomach flu? We just went through a long bout of it here at the Cason Hacienda and damned if it didn't just about wear us out. Trevor first showed up with the symptoms in October, the usual fever and diarrhea that lasted 5 days no matter what you took, 5 days for everyone of us, and that part of it worked it's way through the whole family over the next FIVE weeks with several of the kids having pretty high fevers for more than a day. Rebekah even had fever-induced seizure Christi knew what was going on as she had experienced this with Jessica when she was almost 2 years old but is still scared the heck out of both of us.Also during this same time period, as if having the sickies for 5 days for each person with only one bathroom was not enough we were also now one by one experiencing super high fevers with sore throats and aches and pains and once that was over,( keep in mind it is now the 1st week of December) we felt lucky that we'd gotten away without the vomiting, but of course a new 3rd bug had more in store for us.Christi had said on Thursday, wow, I think we are finally sick free, never ever tempt fate, as the next day Chad started throwing up, we had our first puker. Once that started, we all got another taste of the sickies as we each, in turn, got to experience that same thrill. Yeah, that was a real party for Christi. She and I both spent a bit of time with our friends Clorox and Lysol, cleaning up behind one sick kid after another.In a an 18 hour period 13 of us were throwing up. Christi, of course, got the worst of it, because I was at work during the night and isn't that always when kids do their best barfing? She was the one, up in the middle of the night changing their clothes and flipping laundry back and forth trying to stay ahead of the vomit tsunami and while doing this she was throwing up herself.Christi told me when I got home that at one 10 minute interval there were 5 of them throwing up at the same time, 2 in the kitchen and 3 in the bathroom, Bailey had to bypass the bathroom as it was busy only to meet up with Austin at the kitchen sink. She laughs about it now as she said it was like something that might happen in a movie. My one visit from the bug happened at work and I just lost the bananas I had eaten earlier and spent the rest of my shift with some relatively mild nausea. And naturally, just when we thought we had it beat, it passed around a second time and some of the kids got another wave of sickness.
We have now been clear for about 5 days( this is the longest we have been sick free since late October) and things are looking good as far as illnesses are concerned. The laundry is now clean and everyone is eating normally, just in time for the Christmas. All the kids got flu shots too and we have never experienced 3 different illnesses back to back and hope not to ever again either, lol.
We hope that all of you have a flu-free Christmas and a healthy new year.

Christi wants to send hugs and loves to her beautiful cousin Linda and she is waving hi, give Uncle Ray and Aunt Betsy a hug from Christi.


  1. Oh no that is horrible! We've had illness since October too but it was bronchitis then pneumonia and another viral thing thrown in for good measure! I think we've filled our sickness quota for the year!

  2. We had it here (in Japan!), made its rounds with all FOUR of our family members (and TWO bathrooms) and I thought I was going to have to go hide in a cave. Can't imagine doing it with ALLL those kids and only one bathroom!!!

  3. hmmm, causes me to pause at the thought of having more kids. I already see the pattern with our four kids (not counting infant). Can't imagine going through that with 6 - 8 let alone 16!

  4. So glad you're all on the mend and I hope that it's the end of that dreadful run for your family.
    We are finally on a good run (not saying it too loudly, just in case) and are recuperating. It meant a lot of things that normally happen as part of Christmas had to be set aside for next year, but that's ok, it could've been worse.
    Our sickness pattern tended to go 1 kid down, then me, next kid down, then me, and it repeated through all 10 of them! Luckily my hubby stayed relatively well throughout the past 6 months. Very thankful for small mercies, lol!

    Oh yes, couldn't imagine doing all that with only one bathroom too! I take my hat off to ya all! :)

  5. Dave, Christi, Jessica, Chad, Dalton, Austin, Bailey, Gage, Kaylee, Harper, Emma, Rebekah, Trevor, Walker, Morgan, Laura, Sawyer and Nathaniel: All the Sanders and Busheys sent wishes for the best Christmas and coming year. Glad you are all feeling better and don't let that happen again!!! Lots of hugs and kisses from Aunt Betsy, Uncle Ray, Cousins, Clark, Ray, Linda and Jimmy Lee (and all the furries). Love!!!!!!