Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One little envelope, holds the answer.

Those of you who saw our TLC show, kids by the dozen, may remember that we had our ultrasound technician, Susan, put the results of the baby's sex in an envelope, which we then opened at our Anniversary party. This time, Christi did the same thing, only without a specific time set to open it and reveal what we're having. We just wanted to have the option.
Lately though, the temptation has been clawing at Christi something fierce. Her moods and cravings have been mixed, which has driven her crazy. Usually she has a pretty good idea based on those symptoms, but this time, she simply has no idea. The fun part for me is, I have hidden the envelope and she keeps asking if we should just go ahead and open it. I offer to give it to her, but she's not quite ready to reveal the secret. She asks me about twice a day now, and everytime she changes her mind. I'm kind of enjoying holding the cards on this one, but sooner or later, the temptation will be too great and she'll beg me for it.

Till then, I'm gonna enjoy watching her squirm a bit.


  1. Aww! We've waited until birth with all of ours and never did the envelope things for fear of temptation :) Cute idea though, can't wait to find out!!

  2. oh PLEASE open the envelope it's making me nuts lol I found out with all eight of mine. If it was I who wanted to know I probably would have torn the house apart!!!! Anyway CONGRATS!!!!!!♥♥♥