Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our answer to the Eco-nuts!!

I came across this article linked at a news site that I peruse sometimes. Once I read the article, I almost jumped out of my chair because Christi and I have been saying many of the same things in response to stupid statements about how we're destroying the earth with our procreation. Although we're not Catholic, this writer sums it up just about as well as I've ever heard it. Just as she says:
"Moms of many already know that the work of caring for seven children is not the same as caring for one child times seven. In some ways, it’s easier. In the same way, many large families actually have a small-er carbon footprint than a typical family with one or two kids. A household of nine is not like a household of three times three. It just doesn’t work that way."
Christi and I have said much the same thing regarding our bunch. It's not as though our 5 under 5 is the same as having quints. That would truly make for a different dynamic, but it is a rare circumstance. As I'm sure all large families do, we have something of a system. We might be hard pressed to write a book about it, but it's a system none the less and a pretty efficient one.

Who knew it was a "Green" system too?

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