Friday, April 2, 2010

17 weeks pregnant with Cason #16, woohoo!

Here I am, 39 years old, 17 weeks pregnant with my 16th child, no make-up at all, no smile, looking into the sun, but really wanted to share my baby bump and I felt the baby twice last night (4-1) for the first time, I was screaming DAVE DAVE and he thought something bad happened, lol, I felt the baby, I felt the baby, wooohoo I felt my baby for the first time, see right now it is my baby, I will share later ;) I saw my amazing Dr. Elfelt on 3-30, baby sounded GREAT, heartrate sounds Dirly as my Wooty (Walker) would say. 8 girls and 8 boys, sounds awesome, well so does 9 boys and 7 girls, but then #18 would have to come with #17, lol twin girls, lol. :):) So happy to have a heartbeat and now movement, woohoo woohoo, I LOVE BEING PREGNANT :)!!!!

We are still waiting on the bank for the short sale on the house.
Christi Mommy to 15 Beauties and soon 16!


  1. You look great! We are expecting our 10th in Oct. and I'm getting anxious to feel the baby move too. Heard the heartbeat a few weeks ago, but once I feel the baby move, then it will feel more real. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations:)
    Wow only a year older than I and expecting no. 16!

  3. I love your enthusiasm on being pregnant. What a special gift it is :)

  4. This is sooo very cool!! Wished for only 5 but god had other plans!!! Congrats and the best to you and your family!!!